The Baby


What is a baby?
Why so few babies mentioned in literature?
How does one explain the language used around them?
Why does one say "baby" and not "the baby?"
What is a mother? And why women rather than men?

The Baby was written in 2002 by Mary Darrieussecq. The Baby discusses the changes in the life of the mother after the birth of her baby. At the beginning, the mother did not much like babies. But after the birth of her baby, the narrator sees her love grow ing. She describes her new emotions and experiences in details. The book focuses on the birth, infancy, and all changes, excitement and fears that accompany this part of life. The writing style is very personal, autobiographical, with a real attention to the passage of time. Thoughts are random and there is no real structure, or plot. The events are recounted in  disorder, which enhances the realism of the daily life . There are many emotions in this book:  love, obsession and stress. Après getting acquainted with her baby, the mother became obsess. The author presents the idea of a society where parents are too involved in the lives of their children.The book is easy to read and gives an interesting perspective of the spirit of being a mother. The books is both creative and sarcastic.

Kerry Sweeney